Tony Stewart

Born in Sydney. Tony Stewart is a former Member of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly and has previously served 16 years in the New South Wales Parliament – 4 years as the State MP for the Lakemba Electorate (1995-1999) and 12 years as the State Member for the Bankstown Electorate (1999-2010).

Tony now dedicates much of his time to philanthropic endeavours and is an Ambassador for Father Chris Riley’s Youth Off the Streets.


Tony Stewart attained a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of NSW (1979) and holds a Distinguished Diploma in Education from Sydney Teachers’ College (1980).

He worked as a High School teacher, teaching History and English in several NSW public schools and also at TAFE where he taught English as a second language.

In 1987 Tony Stewart was seconded from his teaching position to work at the Australian Trade Union Training Authority (TUTA) as Trade Union Training Officer. After working with TUTA for twelve months Tony then received an appointment to the Labor Council of NSW where he took up a position as Occupational Health and Safety Education Officer.

In 1989 Tony was appointed to the Federated Iron Workers Union as National Organiser and later worked with the newly amalgamated Australian Workers Union where he was appointed as National Branch Secretary for the Union’s Technical, Administrative, Professional and Salaried Division. Tony also served as a member of the AWU’s National Executive.

Tony Stewart was elected as a Councillor to Canterbury City Council in 1991 and completed a 12 month term as Deputy Mayor. During this period Tony established a strong commitment to important local issues such as improving health amenities, law and order, creating jobs, improving public transport, education and environmental needs. He was also instrumental in local moves to save Canterbury Hospital from closure.

In 1995, Tony Stewart was elected to the New South Wales Legislative Assembly and has successfully contested State Elections until his retirement from the New South Wales Legislative Assembly in March 2010.

Immediately following the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, Mr Stewart joined Father Chris Riley of Youth Off The Streets in Banda Aceh with a view of establishing an orphanage for homeless children. Mr Stewart played an integral part of making initial contact and establishing a positive relationship with Indonesian welfare group Muhammadiyah. As a result of this a Memorandum of Understanding was signed in February 2005 and updated in July 2005, ensuring that Youth Off The Streets would purchase land, build an orphanage and fund its operations for 5 years and that Muhammadiyah would run the centre and provide for the children’s cultural, religious, educational and welfare needs.

Mr Stewart is currently the Chairman of the Youth Off The Streets Overseas Relief Fund and he has served in this position since its inception in 2005.

Mr Stewart is a recipient of the Australian Government Humanitarian Overseas Medal which was awarded to him by the Australian Government in 2007 for his services in Aceh, Indonesia, during and after the 2004 tsunami crisis.